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Fitness Services at AWP

Our services have a specific focus on building a sustainable exercise practice that meets our clients' health and wellness vision. Sustainable practice means a practice that you can enjoy that you can practice long term, and will not lead to injury/ more stress on the body and mind.

Our trauma-aware, mental health-informed approach allows us to provide safe and supportive services to clients currently focusing on managing specific mental health symptoms. It also allows us to support patrons focusing on recovery of acute, chronic and/or traumatic stress.

How do we do this?

We have an internal and external education team and we provide free informative trainings to our staff every other month (min). We also work with clinically-informed supervisors/consultants and we follow HIPAA laws.

We are trained for the possibility of collaborating with physicians, PT's, OT's and mental health professionals- as well as traditional healers- with our clients, if they want to create their own wellness team and want a less disjointed approach.

Our approaches are not fully number-focused and rigid. We recommend a movement plan and we adapt it to our client's needs along the way by learning more about what they need/want at different points in time.

In addition, we avoid creating a practice that is not connected to the promotion of quality of life and to the lifestyle clients want to create for themselves.

When we work out, we don't only work on a physical level, and acknowledging this is one step towards more empowering and connected movement practices.

Movement services have the role to advocate for a healthier approach to fitness, overall. We try to do so.

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