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Accessibility Features



Pre-visit Visit: Visit our space before your appointment, so you can learn about us and prepare!


Space Tours: Individuals interested in tours and in asking questions about accommodations and accessibility features can contact the Intake Specialist (Nick Wolf - in order to make 1) a request for accommodations for a future visit date and to be connected with a provider on our end that will support start of services and navigation. Visiting before your first session will help us reserve the room (as each room has different characteristics), learn best practices and tailor our interventions to your needs. 

Our accessibility features focus on creating an affirming space to communities that do not easily have access to wellness spaces. Please see the descriptions below and click on the link to learn more. 

For request of the addition of a feature, to provide feedback or for your own self-advocacy, please contact

Access to our space

Communities we support:

Features of our Space and Sessions:


The cycle of 2023/24 will continue to have a focus on increasing more of these features and promoting inclusion by also working with cultural liaisons and continuing education focusing on culturally-adapted/ Anti-discrimination practices as an agency.

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