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Our Green Initiatives

All of our services are to be delivered with a deep respect for natural spaces in Milwaukee and our communities. We implement our services in parks, gardens, farmer's markets and other wonderful locations such as the Urban Ecology Center. We truly believe that improving quality of life is also connecting to the healing support of nature, when possible and desired by the client.

What do we do to lower our carbon footprint?

Well, we use the famous R's: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot. 

Refuse: we don't collaborate with companies that sell materials that are not made of natural or recyclable products (at least partially). Our yoga mats are made of cork, natural rubber or cotton and our bolsters made of cotton with natural filling (buckwheat), for example. We don't use harsh chemicals or chemicals with artificial fragrances to clean our spaces and materials. Our cleaning supplies are biodegradable and are not tested on animals. We avoid using single-use plastic and promote usage of reusable cups for drinking water. Our paper materials (including the famous TP, tissues and napkins) are also recycled or bamboo based! 


(Please note that COVID changed some of these practices so that we follow CDC guidelines)

Reduce: we reduce our footprint by becoming increasingly paperless - whenever necessary and appropriate. We also do not vouch for the acquisition of materials that are not needed for wellness services (it should not be expensive!). We are creative with our equipment and we welcome clients to try that creativity at home, as well. Unless it has an adaptive role, less equipment is more. Our water waste is minimal and we wash our reusable cups and kitchen supplies in an energy-friendly dishwasher. We use eco-friendly, energy-saving light bulbs as well.

Reuse: some of our gym equipment/machines were donated, as well as our furniture and our library books. Second-hand products are amazing! We hold an informal SWAP closet for athletic clothes and materials (bring one item, take one item) for staff and clients, and we provide donated extra gym and yoga equipment to clients who would like to build their own wellness space at home. (We accept donations!)

Recycle: We aim to recycle everything through the curbside recycling program and through using our TerraCycle box for office supplies, electronics, yoga mats, athletic clothes and shoes and gym equipment that does no longer serve a purpose. We recommend it! 

Rot: We proudly work with Compost Crusader to support better management of food waste. Any food scraps from our cooking classes are composted. We can also add paper scraps from the office to help the composting process! The Compost Crusader bin is also available for providers and clients (who are trained on  how to use it). We freeze the scraps and send them to the compost bin whenever Compost Crusader is ready to pick it up. It avoids smells!

We hope to keep growing so our new space (in construction right now!) can also follow Permaculture's best practices. We hope to then provide a wonderful rooftop for our community to garden, move, meditate in a natural open environment above floor level!

Finally, we are seeking to offset our carbon footprint as an agency soon!

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