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A space for every body.

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Grant's gym

About Grant's Gym:​

A mainstay in the development of our youth and family services was Grant Heffelfinger, Ascent Wellness Program’s Youth Manager & Fitness provider. 

Grant embodied Ascent’s mission of accessibility and helped it become a reality. Outside of Ascent, he was an active member of many organizations in the community and impacted folks through the years by always being a force of advocacy, growth and connection. 



Grant’s uncanny drive to achieve whatever challenge was put in front of him was truly inspiring. His presence lit up a room, either from his personality or his laugh; or both. He was the greatest cheerleader to celebrate goals of any size and his compassion to stand up for those whose voices may otherwise be unheard was incredible. Grant was a fierce advocate for creating access to wellness services for the LGBTQIA2S communities, Non-English speaking communities, youth populations and creating adaptive wellness spaces for all abilities. 


Grant, unfortunately, passed away suddenly in February 2022. 


The Grant Heffelfinger Community Gym (“Grant’s Gym”), located in Ascent Wellness Program’s main campus, will be dedicated in memory of Grant on October 8, 2022.


“Grant’s Gym” is an accessible space that is truly for all abilities, all incomes, all backgrounds; all people. Whether you are just beginning your wellness journey or are somewhere in between, “Grant’s Gym” is an empowering and non-intimidating space available to the whole community.

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2022: Archive
Grant's Gym Grand Opening & Fundraiser Event

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Click here to download a .pdf of the flyer to share (best for physical flyers).

Grant’s Gym Grand Opening & Fundraiser event will be taking place October 8, 2022 at Ascent Wellness Campus (440. W Vliet., Milwaukee). The day will be consist of two types of events. Our first slot of events, from 12-3pm, will feature an Ascent Gym race course, yoga class and nutrition class demos for all abilities. These events will be taking place throughout Ascent Wellness Campus. When registering, you are allowed to register for more than one of these events.

From 5-8pm, all events will be taking place in Grant’s Gym at Ascent Wellness Campus. Entertainment features include DJ Fortune and a drag performance by Karen Valentine & friends. We will also hold a silent auction and a ribbon cutting ceremony. 

We are in the process of optimizing the gym for all clients and creating adaptive space. All donations from our silent auction and fundraiser will directly benefit those that come to use Grant’s Gym. All of Grant’s Gym providers are volunteer members of our AWP staff that provide wellness services to individuals in the community.

We kindly ask that you register before attending so we have an idea of how many folks to plan for. We look forward to seeing you!


If you have any questions, please reach out to Tony Langtimm, AWP Executive Director.


Grand Opening
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