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Types of Adaptive Fitness Services

Indoor Gym Sessions 

Outdoor/ Nature Immersion/ Adventure

Video Sessions

Home Sessions


  • Minimal Equipment Necessary

  • Focus on supportive movement practices for the nervous system

  • Sustainable Enjoyable Movement

  • Different movement modalities based on your goals

  • All Ages, Levels of Mobility, Abilities, Bodies and Identities

  • Sensory-Friendy and Trauma-Aware Sessions

  • Translators available



Indoor Yoga Sessions 

Outdoor/ Nature Immersion Sessions

Video Sessions

Home Sessions

  • Minimal Equipment Necessary

  • Community that honors comfortable  clothing for practice (no need to spend extra money to practice yoga!)

  • Sustainable Enjoyable Movement,  Meditation and Learning Practices

  • Yoga that honors the true breath and depth of the practice and is not confused with acrobatics

  • Yoga for all Ages, Levels of Mobility, Abilities, Bodies and Identities

  • Sensory-Friendly and Trauma-Aware sessions

  • Translators available

Examples of Yoga teaching practices we provide in our sessions:

Chair yoga

Yoga with the support of a chair, props and wall. Chair yoga is a way of connecting to our body and mind that is versatile and creative. It also can be an engaging learning experience in Yoga for everyone. Yoga is not only practiced on a mat or rug!

Restorative yoga

Yoga that focuses on practicing connecting with your body and mind while finding ways to position props so your body is fully supported in a specific pose/yoga form. We use blankets, pillows and bolsters to invite the mind to stay within the practice. This practice will probably look different every day. Some days it might energize you, however this practice can give you tools to truly start honoring rest and learn what works for you. 

Pre and Post Natal Yoga

Yoga to support you in preparing for birth and support you after birth from when the doctor recommends you starting practice to 2 years out.


Indoor Sessions at our Campus: Sensory-Friendly Kitchen

Grocery Store/ Food Pantry/ Farmer's Market tours

Video Sessions

Home Sessions






Possible learning activities included in Nutrition Services:

  • Cooking classes for all ages, abilities and levels of mobility.

  • Tours of Milwaukee food spaces that promote accessibility to health-supportive food.

  • Creation of an adapted nutrition plan (fully customized to you and/or your family!) 

  • Articulation of services with your health providers and mental health providers (if you wish and ask for this support).

  • Focus on digestion and gut health and how this impacts your daily life.

  • Focus on nourishment and self-support and not on the traditional concept of diets.

  • Culturally-affirming food taught by a team that seeks continuing education. Our team connects with cultural liaisons, too.

  • Support in adapting and organizing your kitchen space so you can better use the space you've got. Minimalist approach. ADA informed, if needed.

  • Minimal Equipment/Cooking Experience Necessary

  • Sustainable Enjoyable Learning Experience

  • Collaboration with physicians and mental health team, if you choose so

  • All Ages, Levels of Mobility, Abilities, Bodies and Identities

  • Trauma-sensitive and mental health informed services.

  • Translators available

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