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Client-Centered, Accessible, Mental Health Focused Therapeutic Services

Ascent Therapy Space


Therapy Space

A focus on Mental Wellness

Peer Support Services
Music Therapy
Recovery Focused Classes/Workshops

Now open!

Ascent Therapy Space is housed and is a part of the Ascent Wellness Campus - an accessible space that focuses on providing wellness services that can support both physical and mental health. 

Our therapeutic services are provided by professionals with experience in creating a good synergy between mental health services and wellness services (such as yoga and mindfulness, nutrition, fitness and nature-immersion services).


We are a space where clients can create, connect, reflect on and expand what has been experienced in wellness services!

Mental Health self-care and recovery sometimes require a team of skilled professionals and core and complimentary services!


ACCESSIBILITY is our Mission.

By Appointment Only


Mon - Fri: 7am - 7pm
Sat: Appointment Only
Sun: Open for Trainings

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