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Yoga Services at AWP

Yoga can promote a safe space to connect to the body and the mind in real-time and with self-compassion. This means you are encouraged to be a gentle observer of your practice.

Yoga is an ancient practice and we honor its roots by not making it a "yoga workout", but also seeing how the practice can beautifully be integrated in your life.

If you look up yoga online, you might see different photos and pictures of a commercialized version of the practice. We want to clarify this with a few statements, especially if you see photos of poses that seem like acrobatics or if you don't see yourself represented in those photos:

1. Yoga is for everybody (and every body). All asana practice (mindful movement poses/forms that focus on balance, strengthening and lengthening muscles and connecting breath to movement) can be accessible to all. Each posture has variations and you can do postures on a chair, on the floor, wall, with support of yoga props (or not). They all have the same focus and they are not different in benefits. They are the same practice. There is no pose hierarchy.

2. You do not need to dress in a specific way to practice yoga. Breathable and comfortable clothes are the only thing necessary.

3. With AWP you do not have to spend a lot of money on equipment to practice yoga. We have a swap closet for athletic clothing and yoga/gym equipment. Can't bring something to swap? Spread the word, ask your friends and family to donate, take a photo and share this is available. This is also contributing a lot! We can also guide you to second hand stores who have excellent athletic gear as well as support you in finding good equipment on Craigstlist.

4. You have agency and a voice in each class, as we understand that a beneficial movement and mindfulness practice is also a practice where you feel present, seen and heard and empowered. We encourage you to talk to your teachers, ask questions, request variations of poses that work best for you (See Point 1)

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