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                                   Update: 6/19

Shop opening soon!  We apologize for any inconvenience. 

AWP Shop

Welcome to the Ascent Pay It Forward Merch! Campaign.  Simply put, each item you buy will put 100% of the proceeds back into the community to allow for in-person or telehealth (video) sessions to be provided to our community members to whom the price of wellness services is a barrier for participation.  Yes, we said 100% of the proceeds. We know, the math says that these items cost something, but realistically they have been donated to the cause.  So yes, 100% of the revenue made from these items goes back to the people who could really use it. 


Our services are for adaptive exercise, movement, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and nutrition education.  Our providers are trained in trauma sensitivity and cultural awareness with an approach that is sensitive to the client's environment, communities and centered around the client's very specific needs.  The goal is to bring our services to individuals who don't normally have access to movement services and nutrition education.  


So, here is what you do. We have T-shirts at $17, hats at $20 and Sweatshirts at $40.  That money then goes into our scholarship fund that goes to qualified clients and new gym members in need of services.  Each client pays what they can for the services, and the rest of the pay to the provider comes out of these proceeds.


Another way we build the scholarship fund is through our gym memberships at Ascent Gym and through donations in general from community members that care.  Our coaches at the gym volunteer the services, so we can put as much of the proceeds back out to the qualified clients.  Help us spread the love!

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