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Summit Wellness, Inc.

The hub of it all!

Summit Wellness, Inc. is co-owned by Tony Langtimm and Cátia Figueiredo.

It was created to both be an agency that implements innovative accessibility-focused programs in Milwaukee, as well as a consulting agency.

Summit Wellness, Inc. is also the agency where Ascent Wellness Program was written, created, developed and is currently being expanded on. 

As part of its internal activities, Summit creates tailored training programs for professionals/businesses, specifically in implementing the Ascent Wellness Program. It does this by training professional teams or adding an AWP team to the agency.

The Ascent Wellness Program stemmed from the very amazing work done within the Milwaukee Behavioral Health Division - the CCS program. All professionals are trained to collaborate with mental health professionals and work in collaboration with the mental health professional community to better deliver wellness services.

See below agencies in Milwaukee focused on innovation and accessibility and implementing Ascent Wellness Program as part of their services!

Agencies Implementing Ascent Wellness Program

Ascent for Life, Inc.
Ascent for Life, Inc., the first non-profit gym in Milwaukee, WI, is implementing AWP to support youth and families in their path to increased physical and mental health. The program provides clinically-informed trauma-sensitive movement and mindfulness services through implementing our Ascent Wellness Program. Services completely customized:

This non-profit was specifically created to support the MS population and MS athletes (clients with multiple sclerosis) in having access to free and low-cost adaptive wellness services. It has grown to harbor many programs, including the AWP- Youth and AWP-Community. Learn more and ask about how we maintain the quality of our services!


440 W. Vliet St., Milwaukee, WI 53212

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Ongoing Collaborations/ Contracts:


The Ascent Wellness Program holds contracts with the following Agencies/Organizations/Programs for the mental health clinical support work we do. We are thankful for the Behavioral Health Division of Milwaukee, the Comprehensive Community Services professional network in Milwaukee providing holistic mental health services and multidisciplinary mental health teams for clients (it's a great source of growth and fulfillment to work in the network!), the Wraparound Milwaukee, REACH, O-YEAH programs and CLTS waiver and IRIS.  Work with the M.S. Population  are offered through Ascent for Life, Inc.

We apologize if not all logos are represented but we are in a continuous process of updating our website. 

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