Types of Fitness Services

Cardio Resistance Training



Functional Movement


Rehabilitation Training

Our services have a specific focus on building a sustainable exercise practice that meets our clients' physical health goals while supporting the restoration of the nervous system.

These supports help combat the effects of chronic stress, and create opportunities for active relaxation... and fun!

Our trauma-informed approach allows us to provide safe and supportive services to individuals with mental health diagnoses and trauma history.


Examples of Yoga services we provide

Chair yoga

Yoga with the support of a chair, props and wall.

Restorative yoga

Yoga that focuses on passive stretches where one is fully supported by blankets, pillows and bolsters to increase a relaxation response.

Pre and Post Natal Yoga

Yoga services are delivered in a way that can support long-term balancing of the nervous system. In addition, the focus on the body-mind connection is present in our sessions.

Yoga can promote a safe space to connect to the body and the mind in real-time and non-judgmentally. It is an ancient practice and we honor its roots by not making it a "yoga workout" and by connecting its' practice with balancing the mind, self-growth and recovery.

Mental and Physical Health symptoms are taken into account when recommending centering, calming, and/or uplifting movements.


Accessibility to food can be limited during times of recovery and during times of stress. Whether it's because of low income and limited budget, lack of transportation, health symptoms, heightened stress and work hours, having a provider to help you simplify the process or eating wholesome food, preparing it and budgeting can be important.

Our nutrition providers will learn your preferences and preferred diet (vegan, vegetarian, Mediterranean, etc.) and will support you in making food an important part of your recovery. Medical health symptoms are fully taken into account with the dietitian team. They will also share knowledge about resources in the community.

Adaptive Services

 We adapt our spaces and our cooking tools to all ranges of fine motor skills, mobility and sensory needs.


Cancelled during COVID and Stay at Home Order.

The floating experience is recreated in specialized environments (private floating rooms/pods/pools) that allow one to get away from the noise and sensory overload of modern life. 


The pods and pools are filled with warm water saturated with Epsom Salts. This creates a dense salt water solution that is maintained at a specific gravity and temperature, allowing participants to effortlessly float on their back while the water hovers just above the ears.


Float therapy offers relief and benefits to the nervous system which are cumulative, they build on themselves with each subsequent session. Though flotation is an “effortless” therapy, the body and mind can actually learn relaxation with each session.


You will have the support of a skilled Yoga and Mindfulness provider (trauma-sensitive) so as to learn how to navigate floating in the pod and to create opportunities to learn relaxation skills as well as centering and breathing practices that can help enhance the effect of the floating experience.


You can communicate with providers before, during and after the session to ask questions, practice breathing exercises, explore mindfulness practices and talk about the experience. 

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