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Summit Wellness, Inc.

The hub of it all!

Summit Wellness, Inc. is co-owned by Tony Langtimm and Cátia Figueiredo.

It was created to both be an agency that implements innovative accessibility-focused programs in Milwaukee, as well as a consulting agency.

Summit Wellness, Inc. is also the agency where Ascent Wellness Program was written, created, developed and is currently being expanded on. 

As part of its internal activities, Summit creates tailored training programs for professionals/businesses, specifically in implementing the Ascent Wellness Program. It does this by training professional teams or adding an AWP team to the agency.

The Ascent Wellness Program stemmed from the very amazing work done within the Milwaukee Behavioral Health Division - the CCS program. All professionals are trained to collaborate with mental health professionals and work in collaboration with the mental health professional community to better deliver wellness services.

See below agencies in Milwaukee focused on innovation and accessibility and implementing Ascent Wellness Program as part of their services!

Agencies Implementing AWP

FLOAT Milwaukee
Float Milwaukee and AWP are collaborating to provide clinically-informed services to clients who want to focus on Mental Health and Physical Health promotion and might need a FLOAT practice adapted to them. 
We are honored to collaborate with such an amazing wellness space in Milwaukee! Check out their website here!
Float Milwaukee has many good accessibility features and the owner Andy Larson has an innovative and research-oriented mind. He is an advocate for research about FLOAT benefits and has been fully dedicated to making this possible and partnering with research centers. He is also part of important agencies supporting the health and quality of life of communities in Milwaukee.  We fully recommend this agency!


Address: 211 W Freshwater Way, Milwaukee, WI 53204

Ascent for Life, Inc.
Ascent for Life, Inc., the first non-profit gym in Milwaukee, WI, is implementing AWP to support youth and families in their path to increased physical and mental health. The program provides clinically-informed, age-appropriate and trauma-sensitive movement and mindfulness services through implementing our Ascent Wellness Program. Services completely customized!
This non-profit has an amazing board and was specifically created to support the MS population and MS athletes (clients with multiple sclerosis) in having access to free and low-cost adaptive wellness services. It has grown to harbor many programs, including the AWP- Youth and AWP-Community. Learn more and ask about how we maintain the quality of our services!


Same Service Locations as AWP: Vliet St. and Turner Hall.

Siddhi Yoga
Siddhi Yoga is an accessible yoga space in the community that implements AWP - Adults and AWP - Community and provides community classes at affordable prices and with really beneficial sliding scales. 
Cátia and Tony connected with Siddhi Yoga through working directly with Jozi Tatham (Siddhi's founder and owner) and observing how community-oriented, quality-focused and innovative this agency is.
Jozi has a Masters in Yogic Studies and has a very transparent mission of making Yoga accessible.  She personally builds amazing teams that weave this mission in all that they do. We recommend connecting with this agency! 
Please check out their website here!