Quick Note

From Our Team

Don't like wellness spaces (gym, yoga studios, etc.)? 

Our Solutions:

Come visit our spaces and see if it is a different experience for you.


We really try to design good self-care/learning spaces for our staff and clients! 

Still don't like it? We also provide home services, video services, park and outdoor services. 

As our services are client-centered, we provide you with options to choose your own provider and learn more about them as well as their teaching style. 

Most importantly, we are anti toxic fitness, yoga and nutrition cultures !


Note: During COVID- 19 we provide telehealth and outdoor services.

Can't pay for services out of pocket or insurance?


Our Solutions:

We have a AWP pay-what-you- can community program implemented by the non-profit Ascent for life, Inc. !

Need athletic clothing/ equipment? We have a SWAP closet and we can support (depending on what we have in stock). Want to donate? We accept it too! Want advice? We can help you find resources on second hand stores as well as craigslist and will help you assess its quality.

Not sure if you will like it?

Our Solutions:


You can try this service through a 3-session consultation. 8 week program, 12 week program or ongoing services.

Talk to us and interview us, so we can respond to your questions. 


You can have a guided tour of our spaces, meet our providers and learn about the professionals we recommend working with  you.

Stop, cancel, pause, change providers/ services any time. It's YOUR experience. 

During COVID- 19 we provide telehealth and outdoor services.


Have specific health issues? Living with a chronic illness? 

Our Solutions:


Talk to us. We collaborate with medical teams and supervisors to advise the best practice for you.

We also provide internal training to our team so they can speak about physical and mental health needs. Sensory needs as well!

We also understand our role well - as well as its limitations. We do not provide medical advice and we work in conjunction with your medical team (if you have one and wish to include us).


We will also strive to learn more about your own non-medical healing practices and your vision.  


Note: If you need extra support during your wellness path we can provide names of amazing rehabilitation professionals in MKE. Especially, if an assessment is needed or another support (i.e. PT, OT, chiropractor, psychotherapy) would be of value. We will work with what you choose and we fully trust the professionals in our network.



We provide private and confidential services and will not disclose health information. All of our programs follow HIPAA.

Don't speak English or prefer services in your native language?

Our Solutions:

We are in the process of hiring cultural liaisons in the community and we work with translation / interpretation services. 

Have children and can't find the space to practice? 

Our Solutions:

Talk to us. 2021 will be a year to become a family friendly space. For now, we can be creative in what we provide. Our spaces are child friendly and we have delivered parent-baby and family sessions before.


Have a physical, intellectual, sensory, mental health disability? 

Our Solutions:

We carve ADA accessible spaces and services (including our kitchen). See our accessibility features


See more soon! And please bring your concerns to us. We love creating non-traditional solutions.


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