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Ascent Psychotherapy



A focus on Mental Wellness

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Ascent Psychotherapy is housed and is a part of the Ascent Wellness Campus - an accessible space that focuses on providing integrated services that can support both physical and mental health promotion.  

Our psychotherapy services are provided by professionals with experience in creating a good synergy between mental health services and wellness services (such as yoga and mindfulness, nutrition, fitness, nature-immersion services and FLOAT). We are a space where clients can create, connect, reflect on and expand what has been experienced in wellness services. 

Our talk therapy services are designed to support those who are interested in embodied healing but want support choosing, creating a team and connecting services so as to support their mental health. We support clients in choosing short-term programs and wellness practices that are personally meaningful and align with their values. Mental Health self-care and recovery sometimes require a team of skilled professionals and core and complimentary services!


ACCESSIBILITY is our Mission.

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